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Createx 4008 Restorer, 118ml

Cleaning fluid, extra strong  •  Item ID: M-CR4008-04
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4008 Restorer, a water-based, biodegradable cleaner used for soaking airbrush and spray-gun parts after painting. Can be reused as long as it is stored in a metal or ceramic container.

Restorer is very strong, so always try in a small amount. The solvent also dissolves softer plastics, so keep away from eg. O-rings that are not PTFE coated. If you used Restorer in your airbrush, always flush it with water afterwards too.

  • Partially dissolves dried paint allowing for easy clean-up with soap & water.
  • Use as a soak for metallic parts: nozzle, needle, cup.
  • Re-Usable. Keep in metal or ceramic container.
  • Dissolves soft-plastics. Keep away from non-PTFE coated O-rings.
  • Flush airbrush or spray-gun with water after using Restorer.
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