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Iwata Lube

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Keep your airbrush in mint condition by always lubricate it. Superlube is the perfect lubricator for your airbrush!

  • Contains no petrolium or silicone additives
  • Non-toxic
  • 33 fl. OZ, 10 ml
  • Will not affect or react with water, lacquer or enamel based paints
  • Do not contaminates as many other lubricants do
  • Use it on regular basis to keep your trigger from sticking or binding
  • Apply a very small amount of superlube on the front half of the needle. To prevent tip-dry.
  • To lubricate the needle packing place a drop of superlube on the needle, wipe along the shaft with a towel and replace the needle into the airbrush
  • Lubricate the trigger mechanism by placing a drop of superlube into the trigger opening and replace the trigger back in
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