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Createx Illustration Opaque Colors, 60ml

Opaque  •  Item ID: C-506802
135 kr
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Createx Illustration Colors are a Water-based, acrylic airbrush paint designed for superior atomization & flow through the smallest of airbrush tip-sizes at low psi settings without a stippled pattern.

Illustration Colors offer true fine-line, detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable effects and subtle erasing techniques. It is designed for illustrators and fine artists but will work on most surfaces and not only paper, canvas and paperboard.

Illustration Colors is an opaque paint. Also available as transparent.

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5068 Opaque White
In stock 135 kr
5069 Opaque Yellow
In stock 135 kr
5070 Opaque Chrome Yellow
In stock 135 kr
5071 Opaque Orange
In stock 135 kr
5072 Opaque Red Orange
In stock 135 kr
5073 Opaque Red
In stock 135 kr
5074 Opaque Light Blue
In stock 135 kr
5075 Opaque Dark Blue
In stock 135 kr
5076 Opaque Purple
In stock 135 kr
5077 Opaque Green
In stock 135 kr
5078 Opaque Black
In stock 135 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
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  • Opaque colors dry to a matte finish.
  • Made with lightfast pigments and a durable resin that features a delayed curing for soft erasing while drying.
  • Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear to make an acrylic-urethane, automotive airbrush paint.
  • Out of the bottle, or thin with 4011
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