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Createx 4040 Bleed Checker, 240 ml

Airbrush medium  •  Item ID: C-134040
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Use 4040 Bleed Checker as a protective inter-coat applied over Candy 2o to prevent dyes from leaching ("bleeding") into top-coated colors and clear.

You can also use it by combining it with 4104 Quicksilver Chrome and any of candy 2o in 1:1:1 ratio to create a cool metallic effect.

  • Apply 4040 unreduced, straight from the bottle. Underlying colors do not have to be sanded prior to applying 4040.
  • Apply 2 medium wet coats with a 5 – 10 minute flash time in between coats.
  • Allow 30 – 60 minutes dry time after last coat of 4040 before top-coating with paint or clear.
  • Water based acrylic-urethane
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