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Createx Fluorescent Colors 60ml

Fluorescent  •  Item ID: M-CR5401-02
75 kr
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Fluorescent neon colors. Work best over a white base color such Opaque White. The color's fluorescence is due to the pigment being in a rapid state of decay.

Please note! All of the colors in this scale is fluorescent!

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 75 kr 0 kr
5405 Fluo Yellow
In stock 75 kr
5410 Fluo Sunburst
In stock 75 kr
5409 Fluo Orange
In stock 75 kr
5408 Fluo Red
In stock 75 kr
5407 Fluo Hot Pink
In stock 75 kr
5402 Fluo Raspberry
In stock 75 kr
5406 Fluo Magenta
In stock 75 kr
5401 Fluo Violet
In stock 75 kr
5404 Fluo Green
In stock 75 kr
5403 Fluo Blue
In stock 75 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 75 kr 0
  • 2 OZ, 60ml
  • Water based and non-toxic. Reaches ASTM D-4236 standard requirements
  • Works on textile, wood, leather, canvas, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramics, clay, latex, glass and much more!
  • Fluorescent colors are not light fast and will bleach, therefor not a great solution for permanent finishes
  • Neon colors which emit a glow.
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