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Mr. Hobby Mr. Color Lascivus, 18ml

Skin tones  •  Item ID: CL-01
45 kr
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Mr. Color Lascivus is a line of colors for anime figures and plastic models. The colors are based on the skin colors of many of the characters that appear in Japanese anime and various games.

CL01, CL02, CL07, and CL08 are base colors, while CL03, CL04, and CL05 are clear pigment color that is recommended to be used to shade certain areas or to express tanned skin.

Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 45 kr 0 kr
CL-01 White Peach
In stock 45 kr
CL-02 Cocoa Milk
In stock 45 kr
CL-03 Pale Clear Red
In stock 45 kr
CL-04 Pale Clear Orange
In stock 45 kr
CL-05 Pale Clear Brown
In stock 45 kr
CL-06 Clear White
In stock 45 kr
CL-07 Rosy Peach
In stock 45 kr
CL-08 Nuts White
In stock 45 kr
CL-09 Smooth Pearl Coat
In stock 45 kr
Antal Styckpris Totalt
0 45 kr 0

Thinning for brushing: 1 part paint to 0.8 ~ 1 part thinner.
Thinning for airbrush: 1 part paint to 1 ~ 2 parts thinner.

Lascivus can be mixed with, Mr. Color, Mr. Color GX, and Mr. Clear Color.





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