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Sweden's largest range of airbrush paints from the leading manufacturers! Buy one or in sets. Here you will find all types of color such as opaque, transparent, shimmering in metallic or pearl effect, fluorescent, candy colors and lots of other effect colors.

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    We dare to say that we have the largest supply of colors for airbrush painting in Sweden. A well-selected range with colours from the biggest brands and from some that are not traditionally recognized in airbrush but that work very well in your airbrush!

    At, you will find a very large range from market-leading Createx Colors. But also paints from Mr. Hobby, Liquitex, Molotow, Montana, MTN, Iwata Medea, Angelus and many others.

    We sell both loose jars with color and in different types of sets packed from 3 up to complete sets with full scales of around 20 colors where also medium such as thinner is included.

    You can divide paints into two main categories when it comes to our airbrush paints. Water-based and solvent-based. Both types have their pros and cons which with everything else and which one to use really depends on your preferences. Water-based paint is of course gentler for your health (you should still use respiratory protection because spray dust is not good to breathe in) and for the environment, is easier to clean if you get it on something where it should not be and has a slower drying time. While a paint with a solvent dries faster, has a better durability as it is and usually has a better opacity.

    Another aspect is to look at what material you are going to paint. Paint that is applied with an airbrush, regardless of whether it is water-based or not, basically covers all surfaces well considering how finely it atomizes the paint particles, but it is still recommended to look at which alternatives are better for a specific material and how you prep it.


    You can then see colors divided into subcategories based on finish and coverage:

    • Opaque - Opaque colors with high pigment volume. Createx Opaque and Wicked Opaque are two good water-based variants and Mr Hobby has a solvent-based variant.
    • Transparent - A transparent color allows almost all light to pass through it. A layer with some transparent colors is barely visible, but the more layers you apply, the more it comes out. Many airbrush artists work by creating a black & white image with opaque colors and then coloring with transparent colors as they are not visible on top of the black. Createx has very high quality transparent colors in several series including Illustration transparent and their basic transparent series specially developed for textiles.
    • Metallic - A metallic paint has small metallic paint particles that give it a shimmery results. Gold, silver, bronze and other metallic colors can be found in Createx Metallics series such as Pearl-Flaked or Mr Hobby's spectra.
    • Pearl effect - Colors with a pearl effect give a shimmering finish, and change shape depending on the angle of the light. Createx Pearlized is one of them!
    • Fluorescent - Fluorescent paints have a substance that absorbs light and illuminates when illuminated with a UV light source. These often cover a little worse, so it is recommended to apply on a white base.
    • Candy - Candy colors are intermediate coat colors that are always applied over a base color. Simply put, candy is basically a clear coat that is tinted with a color (and sometimes contains a metallic or pearl flake) to give it transparent properties. Candy₂O from Createx Colors is a really good Candy that can be combined with a range of medium and / or colors to achieve anodized, glittering or other brilliant effects.

    Createx Colors, which is the leading manufacturer of paint for airbrush, is the brand we have chosen to invest in and the one that is undoubtedly the most popular with our customers. They manufacture a range of colors for different areas and surfaces, including their standard series Createx Opaque Colors and Createx Transparent Colors, specially developed for textiles.
    This also includes a fluorescent and their pearlized colors.

    Createx Wicked and Wicked detail - a really good paint that flows well, even directly from the bottle in many cases, which is suitable for painting canvas, models, paper, cardboard and much more.
    The Wicked series also includes lines with metallic, fluorescent, pearlized and pearl-flaked as well as other metallic colors.

    Createx Illustration (both the Lifeline and Bloodline series), a high-quality performance that gives your detail work a fantastic result while enabling re-wetting effects and subtle erasing techniques. It is designed for illustrators and artists but works on most surfaces.

    Candy2O - A candy color that enables incredible metallic, shimmering and anodized effects primarily for your automotive jobs.

    All Createx paints are water-based and of the highest quality. Other brands of water-based paints are Montana, Liquitex, Molotow, Angelus, MTN etc. Most work fine straight out of the bottle, and flow really well.

    If you are looking for a solvent-based airbrush paint, we have from Mr Hobby. 100 very opaque paint of acrylic.

    We also have a variety of sets. Small sets for beginners to large for the professionals who need to replenish the paint supply. Set based on a series or if you are going to paint something special e.g. or sets for painting of flames on e.g. cars, motorcycles, helmets etc. We have also seen put together some of the best in the industry such as Kent Lind and Dru Blair.

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